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Does my Business need General Liability Coverage?

In short, every business makes mistakes and has an accident from time to time. General Liability covers the legal cost and financial responsibility of those unforeseen incidents that every business may have. Some people say "If you’re in business long enough you will be involved in a lawsuit" It may not even be that you caused harm but the accusation that you caused harm can be very expensive to litigate. The average lawsuit is about $60,000 just for the legal defense plus whatever settlement that is agreed upon. To take it to trial and argue the facts will cost you over a $100,000. It makes sense to buy a Business Owners Policy and feel secure that you are covered for your General Liability, Business Property and Loss of Income in the event of the unforeseen that can hit a Small Business at any time.

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Insuring Families and Businesses in Dallas for over 20 years.