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How often should I review my insurance policy?

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There are five events that should trigger a review of your policy:

  • When your homeowners insurance policy comes up for renewal. Be sure not to just send a check to your insurer, take the time to thoroughly read over your coverage and contact your agent with any questions or concerns.
  • Improvements or alterations to your home, or a major purchase. If you add a new room to your home or expand another, you’ll need to check with you agent that you are not under insured. After the purchase of a new art piece or computer, talk to your agent about increasing the amount of insurance or purchasing a floater/endorsement for these items.
  • Safety improvements have been made. After installing a burglar alarm or upgrading your electrical or heating system, let your agent know. You may also qualify for a discount.
  • Major life style change. Let your agent know if there’s been a marriage, divorce, or a family member moving into the home as this could affect your home owners insurance.

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