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Dallas Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Work men with Workers Comp insurance in Dallas TX

Safeguarding Your Employees and Your Business

Workers' compensation coverage provides benefits to employees for injuries and illnesses arising out of and in the course of employment. For the employer, workers compensation provides peace of mind in knowing your employees will receive the help they need to recover and return to work, as well as knowing your business is safe from legal costs. 


Dallas Workers’ Compensation Insurance can Provide:


#1. Medical Costs to Treat Immediate Injuries and Illnesses 
A business should try to create a safe working environment to help prevent worksite injuries and illnesses. But sometimes accidents still happen. For example, an employee injures her back lifting a box of file paper and needs a doctor’s visit, physical therapy, and medication. 

When an employee is hurt and needs medical attention, the employer can be responsible for covering the cost. 
In this case, Workman's Comp will cover the ambulance rides, emergency room visits, and other medical bills.


#2. Missed Wages
If an employee has an accident and can't work for a while,  most laws require you to cover at least a portion of their missed wages while they recover. Which means you'll be paying to find, train, and pay a temp worker on top of what you're paying the other injured worker. Workers' Comp can cover these missed wages and help reduce your financial weight.

When you buy a policy, your insurance agent can provide guidance on whether to have your Workers' Compensation cover a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of employees' missed wages. 

#3. Ongoing Care
Many Workers' Comp policies will cover an employee that needs ongoing care, be it is surgery, treatment from specialists, rehabilitation, etc. Even if that worker never returns to work, your business may still be responsible for the cost of their care. 


#4. Funeral Costs and Death Benefits
Workers' Comp Insurance can cover funds for an employee's funeral expenses. And for high-risk industries, some Workman's Comp Insurance even covers death benefits, such as support payments to the employee's dependents. According to the Texas Department of Insurance, the number of fatal work-related injuries in 2015 was recorded as 527

#5. Legal Costs: an Employee Sues You over an Injury
If your Workers' Comp policy has Employer's Liability coverage, the insurance company can help you pay for court costs, attorney fees, and judgments or settlements.


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