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What’s not included in my Texas homeowners policy?

There are a certain number of exclusions that are not included in a Texas homeowners policy. Exclusion simply means there are certain types of damage or locations that aren’t covered. Common exclusions in most home owner’s policies include earthquakes, mold, flooding and sewer or drain back up. The following lists show the most common types of losses covered or excluded from a homeowner’s policy:

Most Policies Cover Losses Caused by:
Fire and lightning
Sudden and accidental damage by smoke
Vandalism and malicious mischief
Riot and civil commotion
Aircraft and vehicles
Windstorm, hurricane, and hail (this coverage may be excluded if you live on the Gulf Coast)
Sudden and accidental water damage

Most Policies Do Not Cover Losses Caused by:
Termites, insects, rats, or mice
Freezing pipes while your house is unoccupied (unless you turned off the water or heated the building)
Losses if your house is vacant for the number of days specified by your policy
Wear and tear or maintenance
Wind or hail damage to trees and shrubs
Mold, except what is necessary to repair or replace property damage caused by a covered water loss
Water damage resulting from continuous and repeated seepage

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